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Two sheets of 1/8 inch thick Luan hardwood plywood bonded with a composite core creating a 1/4 inch profesional panel..  These sturdy panels can be gessoed and painted or have canvas, linen or paper attached to them.  The high quality look to the back of the panel will impress your patrons.


The panels are pre-sealed with a natural oil based sealer on the edges and one side and a non-toxic water based sealer to reduce the effects of moisture in the environment and mediums used on the panel.  The composite core creates a waterproof barrier between the front and back of the panel.  These panels are ready to have canvas,linen paper, or any other substrate you desire to work on attached.  They also can be primed and painted on directly.  The sealer is dry and will be receptive to oil, acrylic, watercolor and any other primers.  Suitable for studio or plein air painting.

Series 2. Luan Plywood with a Composite Core,

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