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tangerine sands

About Tangerine Sands


At Tangerine Sands, we fuse coastal inspiration with artistic innovation to offer a curated selection of original art, clothing, and lifestyle goods. Rooted in the ethos of beach town living, our products embody the carefree spirit and timeless charm of coastal communities. Founded by artist Tom Applegate, our mission is to not only bring you unique and inspired creations but also to foster a community that values both artistic expression and environmental consciousness.  Join us in embracing a lifestyle that celebrates the beauty of our planet while indulging in the laid-back luxury of beach town style.

Life in the Tangerine Sands community epitomizes a holistic approach to living, where the rhythm of the waves dictates the pace of daily life. A healthy lifestyle is not merely a choice but a way of existence, with a culture that prioritizes both health and sustainability. Beyond personal well-being, preserving the natural beauty of the land, beaches and oceans is a collective endeavor deeply ingrained in the community ethos.

Tom Applegate

Art has always been an enduring passion for me, and deeply influenced by my outdoor pursuits such as surfing, climbing, solo wilderness exploration and flying. For three decades, I worked as wildlife biologist on California's stunning beaches.  Now, it's the fusion of beach culture and conservation that fuels my artistic endeavors.

Tom grew up on the beach growing up in san diego california.  He spent many hours on the beach and in the ocean as a kid.  he began surfing at 9 when the older kids too pitty on him and loaned him surfboards and gave him rides to the beach . He became a rampant surfer and skateboarder and was pretty good!  at some point he started rock climbing too.  In his early twenties he went on another surf trip to mexico with his brand new surfboard making a long story short his surfboard was stolen one night and on returning home had to decide with his limited funds whether to buy another board or rock climbing gear.  He chose climbing.  Tom became as dedicated to climbing as he had done surfing.  he worked hard and became obsed with becoming a himalayan climber  His immediate goal was climbing K2 and his energy went that way.  but inthe late 1980s on a climb of the north face of mount atabasca  in the canadian rockies tom was caught in an avalanche which shattered his knee.  he was on crutches for 9 months but went on to do all his hardest climbing after that including many climbs in yosemite and other places.  but it was mostly rock and the himalayas were out do to his knee.  at this time while recovering he also got his pilots license.  when tom moved back to the beach he got more into flying and eventually got into flying competition aerobatics and a few airshows.  climbing went on the back burner and tom flew aerobatics for 10 years.  a few years in he realized how dangerious aerobatics was , muck more so than climbing, and decided to get back into surfing which was much safer.  now tom is back to surfing and climbing and creating art and various other thing.

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