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Two sheets of 1/8 inch thick Luan hardwood plywood bonded with red oak stringers with a structural foam core on sizes over 14x18.  These sturdy panels can be gessoed and painted on or have canvas, linen or paper attached to them.  The high quality look to the back of the panel will impress your patrons.


These premium panels feature dual sealing with an oil-based sealer on one side and a non-toxic, water-based marine-grade sealer on the other. While both sides are paintable, most individuals opt to paint on the water-based sealed side, showcasing the luxurious appearance of the oil-sealed surface.


Unsealed panels are prone to warping due to atmospheric conditions and the art mediums employed by the artist. The introduction of moisture from glues, gessos, and paints can lead to panel warping. X-Panels come presealed to mitigate the risk of warping.



Series 1 With Wood Surfaces On Both Sides

Excluding Sales Tax


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