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An Insight

There is much more to art than the image you see in front of you. There is an artist lurking somewhere behind the scenes creating the stuff. For the most part, all the viewer knows about an artist comes from a bio they write about themselves, or other peoples knowledge of the artist, usually gained from the bio the artist wrote.

This blog is to give you more of an insight into how my art comes to be. Once you know, you wont need to spend as much time trying to interpret the film, paintings or frames. I want to make my art more accessible to the viewer. I want you to be able to spend more time seeing the work for what it is and why it is. I want you to spend less time wondering "what was this guy thinking about, and why did he do that?"

A good example will be my next post "The Making of Homecoming". watch the film, then read how it came to be. You will see that the creative process is not always as it seems. I think it is safe to say that you can apply this insight to other artists too.

I am not just an artist, but an adventurer, and my blog will take you on some of those adventures that lead to my creations. And maybe some of my ideas that never came to be from those outings.

I hope you stick around and come along for the ride!

Tom Applegate

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