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Professional Art Panels For Those Who Enjoy The Best

X-Panels are a cutting-edge solution for artists who seek innovation in their work surfaces. These panels are designed to provide a superior artistic experience, while also ensuring archival quality and longevity in museums and personal collections. With their sleek design, X-Panels offer warp and moisture resistance unlike traditional wood panels.


The age-old problem with wood panels has always been their tendency to warp. This is the reason why cradled panels have become popular in the art world. However, larger panels can become quite heavy due to the need for larger frames to counteract the warping. X-Panels use a unique technology to address this issue, making them a more efficient and practical choice for artists.


X-Panels were inspired by the construction of the creator's former aerobatic airplane, which combined composites such as carbon fiber and fiberglass with thin plywood to create incredibly strong structural components.  Since art panels have far fewer demands on them than aerobatic airplanes, they should last forever.  

At just 1/4 inch thick or less, X-Panels are compact and easy to transport, making them a convenient choice for artists on the go. The slim design also provides a wider range of framing options compared to traditional cradled panels.


The process of layering wood and composite materials has been used for many years in industries such as aviation and marine, and X-Panels make use of this technology to provide added strength, stiffness, and waterproofing to the panel. These features make X-Panels a truly innovative and unique option for artists.


X-Panels were created by artist Tom Applegate.

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