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Bring laid back beach vibes into your life

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About Tangerine Sands

Tangerine Sands is all about the fusion of coastal inspiration with artistic innovation to offer a curated selection of casual beach clothing, lifestyle goods and original art. Rooted in the ethos of beach town living, our products embody the carefree spirit and timeless charm of coastal communities. Our mission is to not only bring you unique and inspired creations but also to foster a community that values both artistic expression and environmental consciousness.  Join us in embracing a lifestyle that celebrates the beauty of our planet while indulging in the laid-back luxury of beach town style.

Introducing the captivating artwork of renowned wildlife artist Sandra J. Schultz.

Tangerine Sands is thrilled to announce a collaboration with Sandra J. Schultz, showcasing her original pieces and artwork on our products.  Look for "by SJS" to identify her work.  You can enjoy more of her art at

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